Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yesterday A Dream Came True ...

I walked the streets of Stars Hollow!
I really did!

A few weeks ago my cute friend Cristina came to visit.
We drove to LA and took a
studio tour of Warner Brothers Studios.
We drove through Stars Hollow and my heart soared!

My little sis came home from college this past weekend,
so we decided to go.
Imagine my shock and surprise when this time
our guide let us walk around!
We were SO excited!

Our first glimpse of Stars Hollow!

Can you see Doosie's Market?

A glimpse of Stars Hollow High.
They were in the process of setting
up for a shoot for "Pretty Little Liars".

Em in Stars Hollow!

Luke's is at the end of the street.

The church.

This is where the gazebo usually sits.

Across the town square.
I looked for the troubadour,
but he must of had the day off.

Lorelai's garage

Mrs. Kim's house

The Kim's

Em going over to hang with Lane.

The Kim's staircase
(The same staircase used in the prom scene on Friends!)

Em at Lorelai's
Are Lorelai and Rory home?

Em found the gazebo!
(in a parking lot)

Babette's front porch


We also saw Mike Seaver's house.


Rory's study tree at Yale.

Luke's had an old truck in front of it!
But it wasn't green.

We also saw the Rammer Jammer from "Hart of Dixie".

And ...

Central Perk!

So fun!

Em and I really wanted to skip around Stars Hollow
singing "Crazy, Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer"
or blurting out witty banter,
but we couldn't find Kirk
or Miss Patty.

it was all too much for Em
and she ran away to join a
mariachi band.
She will be missed.


emily snyder said...

oh my heavens!!!!!!!!! i sooo love that you went and lived the life of a gilmore girl!!!!

Danelle Robins said...

Oh the nostalgia. Only you would be able to identify all of those places. . thanks for sharing!

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