Monday, September 19, 2011

This Is Dedicated To Every Teenage Boy At Every Drama Competiton That I Saw Wear A Red Bandana And Belt Out "Santa Fe" ...

because there were a million.

I have videos that prove it.

From now on I am mopping the kitchen floor
with newspapers
and a dance routine.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

When I was 7 Years Old ...

we moved to California from Missouri.

We packed up our belongings,
and set off in our blue Astro van
for a long trek across the country
to our new home.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise
that I was somewhat of a dramatic child.

I distinctly remember sitting in the back seat of the van,
wearing my jelly shoes and staring out the back
thinking of all I was leaving behind.

I was especially sad to leave my best friend,
Leah Shantz,
We were in Brownies together,
so we had a special bond.

And so I did what any normal sad 7 year old would do.
I looked out the window and saw my reflection.
Then I made the saddest face I could,
propped my chin in my hands,
and sang "Somewhere Out There"
to my friend Leah.

I can still remember forcing the crocodile tears out
and feeling like I was creating the perfect moment.

So when I saw this video I giggled wildly,
because ...

I know how Jimmy and Stephen feel.

(After watching this I love Jimmy, Stephen and Anderson SO much more!
So many of my boyfriends in one clip,
acting out a small part of my life story.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear Dancing Little Ceasers Sign Holding Kid On The Corner Of 500 West and BullDog Ave,

It might be a good idea
to not do
pelvic thrusts and
inappropriate hip movements
when promoting a family friendly establishment.

And, seriously,
drop it like its hot



My Eyes Are Still Burning

Monday, September 12, 2011

If You See Me Totally Jamming Out In My Car...

I'm probably rocking out to this song!

I can't stop listening to it.

And now that I know my lil sis thought it
"Where do I have to go to find a honey with a little skull?"
I giggle every time I listen.

I love the man at about 2:10.
He cracks me up.

And I am wondering if the RC Willey salesman who shot his dancing video in the
store still has a job.

(I'm also pretty sure most of these videos were shot
in off campus BYU housing.)

And once again ....
Do people seriously tape themselves dancing and
then post videos on the Internet?

I do not understand.

But I will continue to dance in the privacy of my own vehicle.