Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Week I Lost A Close Friend ...

my hairdryer.

It started smoking while I was straightening my hair,
and I took that as a bad sign.

For someone like me,
who straightens their hair,
a hairdryer is an ABSOLUTE necessity.

I hate having to hair dryer shop.
You never know how strongly it is going to blow.
I don't want a wimpy dryer that feels like an elf is blowing my hair dry.
I need to feel like I just put my head in a jet propeller!
I want to dry my hair as fast as possible.

Let's be honest ...
what I really want is one of those machines Judy Jetson had
where she walks in one end with wet hair
and comes out the other dressed, coiffed, and perfectly perfumed.
(That Judy Jetson gets everything!)

Luckily, I found a good hair dryer and I am very happy.
But I will miss my dear friend with the retractable cord,
and bendable handle.
We spent a lot of good mornings together.

Are You As Excited As I Am?

It's Christmas music time!!!!!

Tonight I am starting a series
I call

Get excited peeps ...

I just wanted to share a few favs with you.

Our classic tonight comes all the way from Italy!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today I Found Him ...

in the Target parking lot.

he has turned in his steed for a Lexus.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I Give You ...

one more reason to love
Matt Lauer and Brian Williams.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

(There is link on MSNBC now that will teach you
the "Brian Williams".
I'm dying!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My New York Walden Weekend (Part 2)...

The one thing I really wanted was to see Central Park in the fall.
Em and Dox kindly obliged.

I was grateful the city warned us of the rabies threat.
Because what I really wanted was to find a raccoon
and snuggle with it!

It was the opening day of the skating rink!
It was so quintessential NYC to me.
We especially enjoyed the middle aged
Abercrombie dressed man who thought he was Brian Boitano.
He kept us entertained for awhile.

Such a great view!

My pictures don't do the colors justice,
but take my word for it ...
they were beautiful!

So was the fanny-pack wearing
roller blading woman
who was putting on quite a show!

I was SO tempted to run away with the jazz band and
spend the rest of my life as their groupie.
Serious talent!

More roller blading lady.
She was everywhere!

The lake!
It totally reminded me of Anne and Gilbert.

We sat and dreamed of the day we could live in
a gorgeous penthouse overlooking the park.

We were disturbed by the creepy
street performers.

But my fav part was sitting and enjoying the view while
listening to these two breaking up.
I had to bite my lip to keep my self from laughing.
I kept whispering the play by play to Em.
My favorite lines:

"Anne saw you at the club with someone else and she said she was wearing booty shorts.
Booty Shorts!"


"My mother has never liked you."
"Your mother is our problem!"

Sadly, they left before any resolution was reached,
but we saw him sadly staring into the pond later and he was alone,
so I am thinking that the booty shorts won.

Thanks again to Em and Dox for a GLORIOUS weekend!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Brother Is Starting To Apply To Grad Schools ...

He is been debating about the best place to go.

He recently sent me this video with a message saying
that he had found his new roomies and he is going to go wherever they are.

If you know my brother,
then this will totally make sense ...

This cracks me up,
and I want to be friends with them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

For My Little Sis Em, Who Has Just Discovered 90's Music ...

this is what MMMBop is up to now!

(for some reason it is cut in half on my blog. follow it to You Tube to see the whole screen!)

I have always had a thing for tambourine players,
(it started with Davy Jones!)
but after watching the one in this video
I am pretty sure I am cured.

I still firmly believe that if we all spent more time putting together
large dance numbers in the streets
the world would be a much happier place!

Did you watch the tambourine man?

They are so much better without the nasty 90's hair!

My New York Walden Weekend (Part 1)...

I spent a GLORIOUS and blissfully perfect weekend in NYC a few weeks ago.

I flew out to surprise my best friend Em for her birthday.
Em and I have ALWAYS wanted to be in the city together,
so it was fun to be able to finally see it
come to pass and cross it off the list
of things to do before I die.

And now that she lives there,
I know that there will be many more blissful weekends
to come!

(We are too co-dependent to be apart for too long!)

Em and her adorable hubby Dox, live in a FAB apartment
in the Financial district.

After taking a late flight and surviving a cab ride
where the driver thought he was playing Mario Kart
on the bridge ,
I arrived to the apartment about 1 am.

We cried and took a moment to catch up and then quickly fell asleep.

This is the view I woke up to!
They have an AMAZING view of the Trinity church graveyard
which is one of my fav things in the city!

I loved hearing the bells ring from the tower!

That is Wall Street people.

This is THE most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.
I am a serious Tempur-Pedic believer now!

Shout out to Dox for giving up his bed!

Friday was Ems' birthday,
and Dox sent us to the spa for pedis!

We went to Bliss Spa,
and enjoyed the brownie bar
and FABULOUS pedis from
Svetlana and Jane.

They told us how lucky we were to not have Russian husbands
who take off with credit cards for days at a time and gamble.

I love pretty toes!

We fell in love with the red brick
at the 49th street subway stop.

And we loved it even more
when we saw the sign that reminded us of our
beloved Rhonda from "The Starting Over House"!

We shouted out to the universe to see one famous person that day ...

and it worked!

We ran into Tom Selleck!

We saw "Promises, Promises" with Sean Hayes, Kristen Chenoweth
(another thing to check off my list!)
and Molly Shannon!
We laughed and had perma-grins the WHOLE show.
It was so much fun!

The coca-cola sign in Times Square made everything feel complete!

The only thing that would have made it better is if Em Snyd had been there!
(We missed you!)

Part Two to come ...