Monday, February 28, 2011

My Name is Melissa ...

and I am addicted to shows made by the BBC.

I love them.
I want to take a walk in the garden,
take a turn about the room,
call the doctor for a poultice,
visit the parson,
and vacation in Bath.

I have loved
"Larkrise to Candleford",
the new "Emma"
with Jonny Lee Miller.

Nothing is more relaxing and enjoyable to me
a virtual trip to the English countryside.

And now I must leave you
to work on my embroidery
catch up on my correspondence.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Confession ...

I totally went to the Justin Bieber movie last night.

That's right.
I saw it.
In 3-D.
(LBH ... if you know me really well this is not surprising you.)

And I am not going to lie.

I have not been a big Bieber fan.
But I found myself with a BIG cheesy grin on my face the whole time.

It was cute to watch how happy his family,
and his "people" are for him.

And I loved watching all the screaming girls.
I kept giggling at their cute adolescent reactions.

It took me back to when I was little,
and LOVED certain groups
and stars.

You know how it was.
I was never the screaming/hysterical crying kind,
but I did have a Michael J. Fox poster
and I did save my babysitting money
for that Saturday visit to the Sam Goody in the mall
to buy the latest cassette single from
"The Party".
or "Boyz II Men".
(who were totally in the Bieber movie!)
or "Color Me Badd".

And I did attend multiple
'NSYNC concerts.

And I did lose my voice screaming at the Clay Aiken concert.
But I digress ...

Bieber is talented.
His family seems to have kept him grounded up to this point.
I loved hearing all the reactions of the little girls in the theater.

And I totally bought a bunch of Bieber on iTunes last night.

And I am not ashamed to admit it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Flip Flop Weather,

I'm ready for you to come.
My toes are tired of being covered all day.
They want to feel warm air and sun!
They are tired of feeling claustrophobic.

Hurry and come!!!

Really Wants To Let The Piggies Out For Some Air

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Mom and Natalie,

I found something that is going to bring back tender memories.

Here are your clues:

(before she married a preacher and became a homeschool mom)
Rudy Huxtable
(before "Polly")
the Gummy Bears and the Snorks
Punky and Cherry
that creepy cousin from "The Brady Bunch"
pretending to be a rock star

Have you guessed yet?

It also contains a song that 26 years later
I still sing at least once a week.

We watched it until the VHS broke.

(My song is on the 2nd one at about 6:23.)

I'm wearing my hair like Blair tomorrow in honor!

You are welcome in advance.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear Idaho,

Get ready

this cute face is coming your way!

Congrats EMMY!!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Have Been VERY Sick All Week ...

I'm talking fever-induced-delirium,
throat feels like I swallowed A LOT of razor blades,
head is under water,
200 lb wart hog laying on my chest,
my germs laugh at Nyquil
The kind of sick that makes you dream of
the good old days
when you could breathe,
had a voice,
could laugh without breaking out into
an emphysema like coughing attack,
and could face people without the fear of the
out of control snot fountain
shooting out of your nose.

I woke up sick Monday morning,
and have been battling all week.

It has been that kind of sickness that is the worst
because I was so achy and tired
that I couldn't do anything.
Like suddenly holding up my paperback book was like holding
a 50 lb weight.
And my underwater head couldn't comprehend the words on the page anyway.

And so here comes my gratitude for the week.

I would like to thank that fabulous person that thought up ...

the DVD box set.

Thank heaven I could pop in a DVD to entertain me.
It was nice to come to,
in between my fever induced coma and coughing spasms,
and spend some time with Kirk and Miss Patty.
Nothing is more comforting than some Luke,
and some witty banter.
(Misery ALWAYS loves a little Stars Hollow company!)
And the box set allows it to be there whenever you need it!

Dear Inventor of the DVD Box Set,

Thanks for making my sick week
a little easier to get through.

Really Glad I Woke Up This Morning
With The Ability to Breathe Through Both Nostrils

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear Egyptian Protesters,

Please stop beating up my boyfriend

Thank you.