Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Latest Obsession ...

I cannot stop listening to this song. (Sorry for the awkward vid, but it was the best version of the song that I could embed.)

This is beautiful ...

If you get a chance, read this.

Touched ...


I have loved reading the NieNie Dialouges for a long time. Even though I didn't know Stephanie personally, I felt like I did and I was saddened to hear the news of her accident. As I have followed her story through her sisters blog, I have laughed, cried, pondered, and stood in awe of how their family has pulled together and the beauty of their optimism and faith. 

Tonight while at the store I saw her adorable daughters. I instantly recognized there sweet cherub faces. I stood for a moment and watched them whisper to each other and giggle as they stood in the aisle. I am amazed at the resiliency of children, My heart has been heavy this past week, but as I looked at those sweet girls I realized that there is such strength in finding the joy in life during hard times. Those girls are a beautiful tribute to their parents. 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shout Out For Today ...

goes to the Bride and Groom that were standing at the bus stop as I drove by today. She was in her dress and carrying her bouquet and he was holding a suitcase. I don't know how fast you two thought you could get somewhere on UTA (Utah Transit Authority), but I'm hoping you weren't planning on going further than American Fork. But thanks for making me laugh out loud and blatantly point at you while driving by ...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Love Josh Gorban ...

Love me a good TV theme song ...

Find this a little disturbing ...


I won't lie ... the last few days have been CRAPPY!!! By the time I got home from work today I was spent. So when I found out that both the roomies were going to be gone and I had the house to myself for the eve I decided it was time for a little rejuvenation.

I played loud music and danced in the kitchen, I played Bejeweled while watching House, I walked around in my underwear while sorting laundry, I laid on my bed while bleaching my teeth and letting my chemical mask burn my top layer of skin off and cried while the Biggest Loser contestants got to call home. 

I feel ready for a good nights rest and I am optimistic that tomorrow will be a better day.

Um ...

Is this really all that shocking to anyone? Does he think all of us are totally oblivious?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

New TV Season ...

So I am excited for tomorrow night and for Chuck to start! I love that show (If you haven't watched it you should!). I love Zachary Levi as Chuck. He is hilarious.

And I love him even more after I read this quote that he gave to a reporter ...

"I think life should be a musical. I always hate it when people watch a musical and they go, 'Oh, it's so unrealistic, no one just breaks into song in the middle of their day.' Yeah they do - if they're me."

Pretty sure after reading that quote that Zachary and I are MFEO (made for each other)!

Check It Off My List Of Things To Do Before I Die ...

Last night was AMAZING!!! I went to a concert in Salt Lake where I finally got to see my fav singer live!

That is right ... the last leading man himself ... Brian Stokes Mitchell!!

He was phenomenal! He opened with the best rendition of  The Star Spangled Banner I have heard! (Yes, even better then that rendition that Whitney Houston did during Desert Storm that everyone bought single cassettes of for 99 cents at Sam Goody!)

I wept as he sang "Wheels of A Dream" from Ragtime (which is in my top 5 best Broadway musicals) and cried even harder during "The Impossible Dream". It was unbelievable. Seriously, buy it on Itunes. I can't stop listening to it!

It was a wonderful night. Nothing is better than BSM backed by the Mo Tab! I can check it off my list of things to do before I die!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Childhood Love ...

As I was cleaning my room and organizing this morning I found  copy of a list I made when I was 7 years old. Just thought I would share ...

My Boyfriends

1. Davy Jones  (I was obsessed with The Monkees as a child)

2. Michael J Fox (What can I say ... I loved Alex P. Keaton! I had a free poster of him from scholastic book order hanging above my bed!)

3. Sky Masterson (I loved Marlon Brando in Guys and Dolls)

4, Joe Montana (I'm not really sure about this one, but I do know my love diminished when he started doing the Mervyn's commercials)

5. Ricky Schroeder (How could you not love Silver Spoons?)

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Personal Fav ...

My cousin shared this with me a few months ago and it has remained a personal fav. I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I have actually watched. But I won't lie ... I laugh hysterically EVERY time.

Enjoy ...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm addicted ...

to TLC.

With shows named "The Man Whose Arms Exploded", "I Weigh 750 Pounds", and "I Eat 33,000 Calories A Day" how can I not watch?

It makes for fascinating television.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Current Pet Peeves ...

1. Have you heard the new John Mayer song "Say" ? It is the most annoying song since "MmmBop". In it he says "Say what you need to say" roughly 40 times in the 3:50 that it plays. Now I find this ironic because if he would just stop singing and listen to the person for 3:50 they could probably say what they needed to say and he wouldn't have to sing about it! If I hear it one more time so help me ...

2. This is annoying as sin to me!

That's right ... the local corn maze has made their design a homage to David Archuleta. AHHH!! So annoying! This is one thing I cannot handle about Utah! Who wants to spend the night trying to get out of Davids' spiky hair?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Loves It ...

Loves, loves this!

Yesterday ...

I was stalked by a white stretch limo!

It is true! He cut me off twice on State St. Then 5 minutes later as I was leaving my roomies work, he cut me off on a completely different road !

As I drove to Sonic he passed through the parking lot. Then when I came out of Target 30 min later he was parked 2 stalls down from me.

If I was in California I would be excited thinking that it was a real star like 
my boyfriend John Krasinski

But I'm in Utah ... 
So the best it could be is an Osmond or that Kirby kid who is in every
Mormon movie.

Deja Vu ...

Tonight I went to my cute cousin Laurens new apartment. It was such dejavu because she is living in the same complex I lived in my sophomore year of college ... the good old Liberty Square. It was so fun to be back there and just think about all the fun memories I have of being there. I had great roomies and we had a blast! Sometimes it is hard for me to realize that I am as old as I am. I feel like I am still that age! Life really does fly by!

A picture of ye olde Liberty square circa 1998
Me, Brooke, some guy, and Pam

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Creeper ...

Thanks to my brother for sharing this. Just wait until about 1:10 into the vid ...

A Fabulous Day ...

Included :

a rainy morning

hot chocolate

a morning of scrapbooking in my pj's while
watching a little ER season 1 with
a little old school George Clooney

some great scripture study and pondering time

a long hot shower

an evening with the niece and nephew

It was a fabulous, relaxing day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm It ...

So Summer tagged me with a little blogging game ... and now I must share 6 random things about myself. Here goes:

1. As a child of 4 I was in love with my primary teacher at church. His name was Danny Elmer and apparently I thought he was pretty hot. I would walk around the house talking to him (when he wasn't teaching Primary, he spent his time as my imaginary friend) . When I wasn't talking to him, I was kissing the wall (which was him). I would walk around the house laughing at all of Dannys' witty jokes and thoughts and then stop and just make out with him (aka the wall). Listen ... I was a child with a very vivid imagination. Enough said.

2. My absolute favorite way to destress is to take a long, very hot, luxurious, candle lit bubble bath while blaring opera. Call me crazy, but it is one of the few things that truly works for me. Just thinking about it makes me want to go take one, but the roomies are asleep and it isn't very nice to be woken up by Jessye Norman loudly singing negro spirituals.

3. I LOVE slippers! This time of year makes my feet yearn for warm, cozy softness, I have many pairs and constantly rotate them according to my moods. There is nothing better after a long, hard day (or a long, luxurious bubble bath)then to slip the toesies into a great pair of slippers. They make me very happy.

4.My household chore likes and dislikes: I love doing laundry. I love folding clothes and putting them away, smelling delightful. I love cleaning the bathroom (probably because I love a clean tub for the great baths). I love grocery shopping. I love cleaning the fridge and stocking it with fresh, yummy food. I hate cleaning the stove. I hate grating cheese. It annoys me. I hate dusting. It makes me sneeze.

5. I am very particular about glasses ... the kind you drink from. I don't know why, but I am. I hate drinking out of plastic (except for these plastic cups I got in Catalina), and I only like certain glasses. I almost always drink out of a bendy straw ... unless I am drinking out of a goblet (which I usually do while taking a luxurious bubble bath).

6. I am an avid journal writer. I love filling my journals with my thoughts, notes, memories, and dreams. I use it kind of like a scrapbook. I fill it with notes from people and little pieces of memorabilia. I love looking through old ones and being reminded of past moments of life. 

And now you know a little more about me ... 

It Begins Again ...

The love/hate relationship ...

I'm glad the new season has started. I loved her Olympian show, but why does she need to scream? 

And is it just me or does her hair get bigger every season?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guilty Pleasure ...

I have told so many friends about this in the last few days that I figured I should just post it. For all those Mormon girls out there (especially those who have lived in the Provo bubble) here is a hilarious new blog to check out. It is a fake blog that some brilliant sister has put together ... it cracks me up!

Judy Jetson Envy ...

Remember on the Jetsons' how Judy had that cool closet contraption that she would just ride a moving walkway through and it would get her dressed, and do her hair and makeup?

Yeah, I need that.

I HATE doing my hair! It takes forever and the hair dryer makes me hot .... and it just gets annoying. Don't get me wrong. I like to look presentable and I do my hair. But I grumble about it the whole time.

Luckily, I have the kind of hair that cannot be washed everyday. So I only have to do extensive blow drying every 2-3 days.

Now for my second problem. This women has stolen my 3rd day hair do.

(except mine looks a lot less flight attendant-ish)

I don't want to be known as the girl who wears "the Palin"! 

Where's Judy Jetson and her closet when you need them?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Words ...

Words I Do Not Enjoy ...


Words I Love ...


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

While I'm On The Subject ...

While I'm on the subject of childhood shows here are a few that I miss ...

I LOVED Vicki ! Remember their crazy red headed neighbor?

I always wished I could freeze time ...

I had a HUGE crush on Wesley, and always wished we had a butler.

Remember when Webster burned his house down by playing with his chemistry set in the closet? Tragedy! I also always wanted a dumb waiter to ride in ...

The Years Have Not Been Good ...

Who is this? Why do I have it on my blog? 
Take a closer look peeps ...

It is none other then ZACH MORRIS!!!

What has happened to him? What has happened to his hair?!!
Maybe he is trying to go under cover as Sully from "Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman",
but it is not working. 
I'm very disappointed. Where is Lisa to tell him that this is not the look for him?
I miss this Zach ...

And I'll post this ... because LBH (let's be honest) you know you still quote this to yourself.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays ...

Nothing is better than waking up to a rainy day! Especially a rainy day that I don't have to go to work. I immediately got up and opened all my windows and doors. I LOVE the smell of rain! I made a bowl of hot cracked wheat cereal for breakfast then sat on my porch and watched the rain as I ate (I'm sure the neighbors think I am crazy.). I cleaned the kitchen as I listened to the rain and the thunder. Then I jumped in my car and took Doris Day (the name of my car) out for a spin in the rain. I drove to my favorite park, parked, turned the car off and settled in to read (just for you Summer!) and listen to the rain pound on the roof and windows. I LOVE the rain!

But the rain eventually began to subside, and I began to remember that back home there are floors to be vacuumed, calls to be returned, loads of laundry to be folded, and toilets to be scrubbed. So it is back to the daily grind for me, but I'm glad I had a few hours with the rain!

Shout Out ...

On Friday I went to the medical plaza to get my blood drawn (which I do monthly). I always pass this older (in her 70's) woman sitting at her desk in the corner of the little lobby. Last month when I passed I couldn't help but smile when I realized she was reading Twilight. Friday I couldn't help but say something when I saw she had an 8 x 10 glossy of Harrison Ford framed on her desk! I said "I like your picture." She looked up, smiled, and said "I need something to look at while I sit here all day."Shelly, you're my kind of gal!