Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lessons Learned in 2008 ...

*Even though I do not like animals, I feel really bad when I hit one accidentally with my car ... and I do get misty eyed during that Sarah McLachlan commercial.

*The Jonas Brothers creep me out ... and I don't get them.

*There is only one REAL Pinkberry.

*Kathie Lee will never stop being annoying.

*MTV is nothing like it was when I was a tween.

*I'm a sucker for shows about mysteries/murders that have an ominous voice narrating.

*Don't hide anything in the oven unless you are in the habit of checking the oven before turning it on.

*I don't like chicken ... unless it is cut into very small, thin pieces.

*DVD sets of TV shows can easily become my downfall

This year has been an interesting one. Most of all this year I am grateful for family and wonderful friends and for the Gospel.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

My New Friend Ruby ...

It is no secret that I LOVE reality television.
I have found a new show that I truly enjoy. 
It's called Ruby and it follows a 30 something 500 pound woman from Savannah, GA who is trying to lose weight.
I love her.
She is whiny, and real and says everything in her thick southern accent.
My roommate and I love to quote her to each other.
My fav is when she tells her BF/roomie Jeff that he needs prayer ...
She is so saucy!
She cracks me up!

Leg Warmers and Roller Skates ...

My parents surprised me with tickets to Xanadu for Christmas!
I LOVED it! 
I was so sad that it closed on Broadway before I got to see it.
But the touring company was fabulous.
I laughed, hummed along, and at times I really wanted to get up and dance...
Don't worry, I refrained myself.
The movie may have been horrible, but the stage production is genius!
Thanks again Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scoop, Scoop, Grapevine ...

Every family has different holiday traditions.

This is what my mother and I do every Christmas Eve ...

This Is A Public Service Announcement ...

Today Court and I stopped at the food court at the mall in the midst of some serious shopping for some refreshment...

Santa came and sat next to us.

He was eating sushi and noodles.

You may want to rethink your cookies and milk this season and opt for something a little different.

It looks like Santa has developed a taste for Asian cuisine.

(He was also drinking a Pepsi, which I won't lie, made me and my Diet Coke soul believe a little less.)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Was Born In The Wrong Era ...

Because it looked like this at my house this weekend there was no way I was going to drive anywhere ...

So I watched this ...

And this ...
And decided that I was born in the wrong time.
 I love the golden era of Hollywood and the great old movie musicals. 
I love Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.
And so, since I wish Gene Kelly was still alive so he could be my boyfriend,
here is a clip of one of my favs ...

Portrait of A Blogstalker ...

Yes I'll admit it ...
I am a blog stalker.

I have found many that I love.

The other day I had an embarrassing experience ...

I was walking out of an office building when I saw a woman whom I recognized from a blog that I frequent ...

Before I even thought I flashed a giant smile and said "Well Hello there!" 
in a voice that sounded like we had been BFFs since 3rd grade and still spent time reminiscing about Brownies and our weird elementary school librarian together.

She gave me a look that said "I don't know you. Please quit stalking me."

I finally realized ... she didn't have a freaking clue who I was.

I flashed another smile and quickly walked away before she saw my face go red with mortification.

Monday, December 8, 2008

This Is Not Okay ...

We're Off To See The Roloffs ...

We took time out to drive to the Roloffs!

Jackie, Em, and I having a hard time containing our excitement on the drive there.

We found it!
It was in such a pretty area.

Sadly, it was closed to the public, but that didn't stop us from trying to spy.

Until we saw this.

Here's there house from far away.

It was fun to go and see where they live. I have already recognized a few things as we've watched the show.
Next time we'll go during pumpkin season and see if Zach will take us on a tour of the farm.
And I'll buy a t-shirt.

Walking In A Winter Wonderland ...

It snowed today.
I should be grateful that it took this long,
but I'm not.

But in honor of my new goal to be more positive,
(I know it comes as a surprise that I can be a little too sarcastic and cynical)
I have decided to list what I love about winter.

1. Hot Chocolate
2. Flannel Pajamas
3. Slippers all the time without my feet getting hot
4. Extra blankets on my bed
5. Watching the snow fall gently out my window as long as I don't have to drive or walk in it.

You May Think Less Of Me When I Tell You This ...

You may think I have no heart or soul ...

But, I HATE that Christmas shoe song.

And I can't bear to hear it one more time!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Natures' Beauty ....

We spent some time at Ecola State Park. It was SO beautiful! 
I could not believe how peaceful and tranquil it was there.

I wish that I had a better camera and that I was a good photographer. 
These photos don't do justice, but you kind of get the idea.

It's That Time Of Year ...

to bust out the Christmas music! I love it!

I have a lot of Christmas music. It makes me happy.
But here is a list of my staples ...

I love the Carpenters ... always. This one is always the first CD I play to welcome in the season.
(After which I play Mariah Careys' "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and dance around.)

I love Clays' CD. His version of "What Are You Doing New Years' Eve?" is my fav. I also love the awesome note he hits and sustains at the end of "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day". Amazing!

I love John Canaans' CD. It is filled with beautiful sweet hymns and a lot of John Rutter. I especially love his take on "When Joseph Went To Bethlehem".

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cheese ...

We stopped by the Tillamook cheese factory on the way back to Portland from the coast. 
Such delightful smells ...

Em got her picture with some dapper Christmas cows.

We got some yummy ice cream.

Dave REALLY likes cheese!

We did a little cheese taste testing, watched some workers in the factory, and then walked through the gift shop full of ... you guessed it ... all kinds of cheese!

Ode to Ping Ping ...

We love TLC. We watched a documentary on Ping Ping, the worlds smallest man. All week we have been talking about Ping Ping (and the fact that he is a chain smoker ...)

So my little sis made a sculpture of his face using left over mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving.
We call it Thanksgiving art.